World Trade Center re-opened

World Trade Center Reopened
World Trade Center Reopened

104-storied World Trade Center building which was attacked 13 years back on September 11 has re-opened for business. Publishing company’s employees have started working in the building. The company’s approx. 170 employees will be working in the building this week.

The skyscraper that began again took 8 years in the making and now the building is the tallest building in America. This building’s sixty percent parts has been given in rent and the US government has confirmed to take 2,75,000 square feet.

Ports Authority Executive Director Patrick Foray who renovated the place says that the building has made the New York City as the city of skyscraper again.

The building is 541 meters high skyrocketing and is created between the old building. The building, built in memory of the old building monuments and museums have also been replaced.

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