Wai-Wai noodles banned in India due to poisonous chemicals

Wai Wai Noodles
Wai Wai Noodles

Nepal’s renowned Wai-Wai noodles is now banned in India. Just after a few days of banning a MNC product Maggi noodles, India banned Wai-Wai. A Food Laboratory located at Tamilnadu, India confirmed that Wai-Wai contains more inedible chemicals than Maggi.

The laboratory stated that Wai-Wai contains 7.43 times more Lead than Maggi. All noodles contain Lead but 2.5 + P.P.M. lead is considered bad for human health. Maggi contains 3.5 P.P.M. Lead whereas Wai-Wai- contains 25.45. P.P.M. Consuming Leads above 2.5 P.P.M. increases oxidant level which may cause diseases like cancer, stomach-ache, bone weakness, piles, menstrual disorder, etc.

Food expert Pramod Koirala said that Leads present in noodles quickly affects the nervous system. 20 chemicals are present in Wai-Wai to make it look attractive and taste delicious. To make Wai-Wai attractive, synthetic (a type of plastic) has also been found to be added. According to experts, children are more affected by it. It may cause allergy and memory-loss problems.

Maggi noodles is sold in over one hundred countries. It’s manufacturer company Nestle is also operating different hospitals in those countries. Whereas, Wai-Wai’s owner Binod Chaudhary is running Norvic Hospital in Kathmandu. – Agencies

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