These celebrities are earning billions even after death

Michael Jackson, known as the king of pop died five years back, but he is now making billions, according to the famous magazineForbes’. According to the magazine, in 2014, Michael Jackson earned 140 million dollars (about half 13 billion Nepalese Rupee) which made him to earn the top spot.

Elvis Presley’s, 2013 highest income has almost doubled. Michael failed to gain the top spot last year has been released after his death, his income worth the increase of Elvis Presley.

Second place receives $ 50 million by the Elbisa.

Third place, earning 40 million dollars have been successful, including the Charles Salja.

Fourth and fifth place, 25 million and grossed $ 20 million, including Elizabeth Taylor and Bob Marley. Taylor died in 2011, was 36 years of age Marley leave the world in 1981.

Beetle singer John Lennon total of 12 million dollars was able to keep earning in seventh place.

Forbes list included 13 celebrities earning 363.5 million dollars last year.

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