Sinus infection symptoms, treatment and prevention

Sinus Infection
Sinus Infection

Inflammation of Sinuses is known as Sinusitis. It’s an air-filled region in our head and face bones. There are four types of Sinus: 1) Frontal Sinus, 2) Maxillary sinus, 3) Ethmoidal Sinus and 4) Paranasal Sinus)
Sinus Symptoms:
– Flow of thick stinky mucus.
– Closed nose / Difficult to breath.
– Pain in head and forehead.
– Unable to smell properly.
– Fever and body pain.
Sinus Treatment/Medicines:
– Topical Decongestant, Oxymetazoline, etc
– Topical Steroid
– Mucolytic
– Painkillers of fever and pain like paracetamols.
– Antibiotics (It prevents possible bacterial infection)
Sinus Prevention:
– Drink lots of water to prevent Sinus from drying out.
– Clean nose with salt-water
– Avoid very dry climate.
– Stay away from smoke and pollution.

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