Different dreams and their meanings

Different dreams and their meanings
Different dreams and their meanings

We all have a dream. But do you know it’s real life meanings? Let’s know the meanings behind some general dreams.

Flying up the skyFardistant travel opportunity

Falling from the sky – Insult in society

See the sky – Growth in reputation, may receive money from the government

See the clouds – Government will favor, growth of business

See rain – May fall sick, get in trap

Raining in the same place – Prediction of grain price fall by divine’s mercy

Raining and flashing of lights – Sick person will heal, loan will be paid if any

See plain land – Get wealth

Plow, sown and plant land – All work will complete, life will pass comfortably

See dust or storm up the sky – The land will face war or hurricane

Flashing of lights – Get rich

Get below ground – You will be finished or get trapped in fraud

Walking in the forest – Progress in religion, will be religious lifetime

Eat and drink in the forest – Gets money or will work hard for it

Eat soil –  Gets fortune or be humiliated

Walking on the soil – Get rich

Dig well – Growth in income or business benefit, world will benefit from you

Irrigate from well – Helps poor

Irrigate water on tree from well – Will serve poor or needy

Drink water from well – Serves monk

Take water out of the well –  Increase in income

Fall in well – May get in trouble or hear bad news

Come out from the well – Life will pass easily, success in every journey

Walking on the water – Will make some king happy and gets prosper overnight

See flood on the stream – Symptom about risk or trouble

See dark in the river – Get upset, mad or sorrow

Cross river – Sign of death

Bath in river or creek – It’s a happy thing, sick may heal, sin will fade

Fall in husk – Information about something bad

Drink dirty water from creek – Symptom of getting sick

Change the direction of creek – End or sorrow, start of happiness

See army – Life is spent efficiently or gets benefit from work

See boat – End of sorrow or mercy from king’s punishment order

Riding boat – Will get arrested and release after few days

Get off from boat to dry ground – Conquers enemy, get great wealth

See boat on dry ground –  Symptom of near trouble

Sketch on the ground – Will be of good heart

See stars shining – Benefit from king’s mercy, family grows

See bright galaxy – The country will be rich, rule good, and it’s reputation will grow in the world

Eat star – Will steal and gets caught in investigation

Hold star on hand – Good daughter will born or gets some benefits

See own-self drown with boat – Gets arrested and imprisoned for royal crime

See mountain – Conquers enemy

Walk on the mountain – Reputation grows, finds lots of money

Be the mountain owner – Will be boss of boss or defects and controls enemy

See falling from the mountain – Will irritate somebody or destroy evil

See walking on the mountain road – Will be patient or courageous

Drill mountain – Makes evil plan with someone

Climb mountain – Sign of great progress and wealth

See flower – Boyfriend/girlfriend patchup

Eat pan – Symptom of having sex

See cage – Sign of getting imprisoned

See green forest – Will be good news

See dry forest – Will be sad/concerned

See moon – Reputation grows

See eclipse – Fall in risk

Cook food – Children will get sick

Find gold – Loss of money, increase in tension

Kill snake – Relief from suffering

Sign up – Loss of wealth

Cat bites – Sign of accident but will survive

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