Cheap phone plan in the US

Besides four major carriers i.e. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. There are some other MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) which can help us save on our monthly cell phone plan bills. Let’s have a look at the following cheap phone plans (or prepaid phone plans):

Cheapest Cell Phone Plan

Freedompop: This carrier runs on AT&T towers. Their basic plan costs nothing. However, there is a $5 one time fee (so-called security deposit) which they will take off from your debit/credit card.

That amount can be utilized if you run out of data. Freedompop’s starting plan gives you 200MB data and couple of hundred minutes of talk & text.

Best Cell Phone Plan

Cricket Wireless: Unlike other reseller MVNO, Cricket is actually owned by AT&T itself. Which gives us more peace of mind because other MVNO may run out of business anytime. Hopefully, Cricket will stay for a long as it’s part of AT&T.

Its cheapest prepaid phone plan starts with $25 giving unlimited talk & text (no data). Next cheapest plan costs $30 and comes with 2GB high speed data (unlimited 2g) and unlimited talk & text. If you have a family or friends, you can get:

4 lines for $100: 22GB high speed data (unlimited 2g) and unlimited talk and text.

Similarly, 3 lines for $90 with same features.

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