Blood group reflects your personality

Blood group reflects personality
Blood group reflects your personality

Do you know your blood group? Let’s see what your blood group says about you.

According to a Japanese research, people with each blood have different personality.

O group: This blood group people wants to take lead. They need what they see and keeps on trying until they succeed. Leading habits, loyal, passionate and self-confidence is their nature. Their weakness is anger, jealousy and being very competitive.

A group:  This blood group people like peace, and organization. They have ability to work with others. They are sensitive, affectionate, and of kind personality. Their weakness is that never step back and can’t keep quiet.

B group: This blood group people are of different personality. They have their own path and way of doing work. This group people are creative and of flexible nature. They can adjust of any type of environment. But this behavior can sometime take them far from reality and in some cases it tends to be their weak aspect.

AB group: This blood group people of very calm and  controlled personality. Everyone likes them. Courteous and escapism are their nature. But some people of this blood are of dull mind and cold hearted, so sometime they fall in trouble because of their wrong decision.

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